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At Seacrest Petroleo, ESG is at the core of our strategy as a tool to reduce risk and, consequently, increase value. The pillars are our Culture, our Corporate Governance model and, especially, our Ethics and Transparency.

Our goals

No Accidents
No Harm to People
No Damage to the Environment
valuing our personnel

Our Commitments

Our Environmental Commitments

Attending to our license-to-operate requirements, Seacrest Petroleo environmental programs encompasses effluents management, monitoring of process water, inventory of atmospheric and GHG emissions, and solid waste and noise source management programs. In fact, we aim to exceed our regulatory requirements through independent diagnosis against international best practices.

Our Social Commitments

Seacrest Petroleo has a role as a major contributor for local workforce and contractors. Social programs associated with our license-to-operate requirements help to elevate society out of poverty through actions related to education and trainings directed to local communities. Social responsibility includes the actions from our volunteers committee and providing aid to local population. We strive to provide an open channel to dialogue with local communities aiming to reduce the adverse impacts of our activities and enhance the dissemination of job opportunities.

Our Governance Commitments

Seacrest maintains the principles set out in the Norwegian Code of Corporate Governance. We are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance through our policies, internal and external audits and committees. The main instance of Seacrest Petroleo corporate governance is the Board of Directors which as the following standing committees: audit, remuneration, nominating and corporate governance.

Kids learning at school

Supporting local schools

At Seacrest Petroleo, we recognize the important role that education plays in building strong and thriving communities. In 2022, Seacrest, in partnership with the NGO Instituto Brasil Solidário, carried out activities in the municipalities of Conceição da Barra and Linhares. The project was developed in schools of the region and included art and reading activities, involving audiences of different ages (from children to schoolteachers), reaching over 20,000 families and nearly 2,000 teachers at more than 90 schools. Check out the video to learn more about the project.

Support in the rains

Voluntary Actions

Seacrest employees organized a volunteers’ committee that mobilizes people from our own workforce and contractors, gathering contributions to annual campaigns, such as Childrens’ Day, Christmas, etc, directed to local communities in Espirito Santo. In addition, for special situations, company provides donations for the acquisition of items defined as priorities by communities and local administrations. Seacrest Petroleo sympathizes with the population of Espírito Santo in the calamity caused by the rains in Espírito Santo in 2022 and is doing its part to help in the task force of the good that supports the affected communities.