Seacrest Petroleo Bermuda Limited: 2023 AGM Results Notification

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/Hamilton, Bermuda, 20 December 2023: Seacrest Petroleo
Bermuda Limited ("Seacrest Petroleo" or the "Company") advises that the 2023
Annual General Meeting of the Company was held today at 11:00 AST at the
registered office of the Company at Victoria Place, 31 Victoria Street, Hamilton
HM10, Bermuda.
The audited consolidated financial statements for the year ended 31 December
2022 were presented to the Meeting.

The following resolutions were passed:

1. To appoint KPMG Auditores Independentes Ltda., of Sao Paulo, Brazil, as
auditor of the Company for a term expiring at the conclusion of the 2024 Annual
General Meeting of shareholders of the Company and the board of directors of the
Company to determine their remuneration.

2. To increase the authorised common share capital of the Company to 475,000,000
common shares of par value US$0.00002 each by the creation of 100,937,500 new
common shares of par value US$0.00002 each (such shares to have the rights and
be subject to the restrictions set out in the bye-laws of the Company).

3. To re-elect Erik Tiller as a director of the Company.

4. To re-elect Rune Olav Pedersen as a director of the Company.

5. To re-elect Denis Chatelan as a director of the Company.

6. To elect Martin Bachmann as a director of the Company.

7. To elect Robert Lawson as a director of the Company.

8. To re-elect Pedro Magalhães as a director of the Company.

9. To elect José Alcides Santoro Martins as a director of the Company.

For further information, please contact:

Torgeir Dagsleth, Group CFO
Seacrest Petroleo Bermuda Limited
Tel. +47 958 91 970

John de los Santos, Head of Investor Relations
Seacrest Petroleo Bermuda Limited
Tel. +44 79 4971 4756

The information in this notice is subject to the disclosure requirements
pursuant to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act and the
Euronext Rule Book part II.

About Seacrest Petroleo

Seacrest Petroleo is an independent oil and gas production company with an
integrated portfolio of onshore producing oil fields and export infrastructure
onshore in Espírito Santo, Brazil. The fields have estimated oil and gas in
place volumes of 1.2 billion barrels of oil equivalents and certified 2P
reserves of 140 million barrels of oil equivalents. The Company has exclusive
control over its infrastructure, continuously from field production to offshore
tanker loading terminal, allowing for cost-effective operations, and enabling
direct access to markets for its premium grade products. The Company has offices
in Bermuda, Norway and Brazil.